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Uniquely Gray Design LLC is a design studio run by Erin Gray. In the fall of 2011 after relocating to Cleveland, OH, she decided to start her own small business. After a brief stint in Chicago, Uniquely Gray Design is back in Ohio. This time in the greater Akron area! Erin's well-rounded experience at Cedar Fair from 2005 to 2011 gave her a great design foundation. She was involved in a multitude of project types including: logos, business cards, corporate branding, informational booklets, one-of-a-kind media promotions, letterhead, web and physical banners, partner/sponsor promotions, and many more.... After being exposed to all these types of projects, she is confident that she can provide creative solutions to almost any design problem.


While at Cedar Fair, she completed projects for 11 amusement parks and their varied processes. She learned how to manage short deadlines and tight budgets while still creating high-quality, eye-catching designs. No project is too large or too small. Please contact Erin Gray to take the first step towards satisfying all your graphics needs.